“It was amazing to watch her at the Windy City Burlesque Festival. She really owned the stage. Her energy is amazing on and off stage” – Lola Frost



Freaky Candy is a mixture of refined and graceful movements, joined with self-irony and humor.

She tastes as a cupcake covered by spicy and colourful glitters.


She is an international performer, a producer and a burlesque coach in Rimini, Riccione and all over the world,  including the famous Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in Seattle! 

She is the first Italian coach teaching at BurlyCon, the only burlesque education convention in America.


Born in Rome, Freaky grew up studying ballet from the age of 5.

In 2006 she shifted her attention to belly dance and in 2011 became captivated by the dramatic and magical world of Burlesque and started studying in Rimini .

The year after, as Freaky Candy, she started performing, as established performer in a burlesque troupe,  at many different theatres across Italy.


In June 2014 she starts her solo career, frequently studying with International Burlesque Stars.


During the next years she performs in the most famous festivals around the world including: the Munich Burlesque Festival (2015),  the Windy City Burlesque Festival a Chicago (2015), the Amsterdam Burlesque Award ( 2015), the Geneva Burlesque Festival (2016), The Great Burlesque Expo a Boston (2016) where she wins the “MOST BEAUTIFUL” Award 2016 with ” The Red Ribbon” act,  the Vancouver Burlesque Festival (2016) as Featured International Performer and the Show Me Burlesque Festival a St. Louis(2017).


She produces Shows and Workshops in Rimini, Riccione and Pesaro and workshops and courses in collaboration with National and International Performers.

On October 2015 she founds Cuore e Burlesque A.S.D. now famous as the House of Burlesque in Rimini and Riccione .





Workshop “Fan Dancing” – Study of classical and australian technique of fan dancing, with Goldie White.

Workshop “How to baloon dance” with Marge Von Bla Bla.

Workshop “Exotic Burlesque” with Dixie Ramone.

Workshop “Seduce your audience” with Grace Hall.

2015 :

Workshop with Grace Hall – History of Burlesque; Burlesque and New Burlesque; How to tease; Create your own character; How to control and listen your body; How to perform; How to create your own act

Workshop “Bendylesque – Flexibility for Burlesque” with Andromeda Circus

Workshop “Walking and Teasing” with Scarlett Martini

Workshop “Burlesque Booty Camp” with Trillian

Workshop “More than just a pretty face” with Vixen Valentine

Workshop “Acting for Burlesque” with Pretty Boy Rock

Workshop “Stage Presence and Confidence” with Peggy De Lune

Workshop “Classic Burlesque” with Scarlett James

Workshop “Vintage Tribal Fusion” with Grazia Manetti

Workshop”Italian Burlesque – Sophia Loren Style” with Miss Sophie Champagne

Workshop “Acting and Teasing in Burlesque” with Grace Hall

Workshop “Hosting Fundamentals” with Lola Van Ella

Workshop “Expression for Stripteasers” with Lola Frost

Workshop ” Introduction to Floor Work” with Lola Frost

Workshop “Acting Burlesque” with Tigger

Workshop “Boa Love” with Michelle L’Amour

Workshop “Pussy Confidence” with Michelle L’Amour

Workshop “Chair Dance” with Lola Van Ella


Workshop “Yoga-lesque” with Chakra Tease

Workshop “Tassel Twirling” with Donna Denise

Workshop “Dirty, Sexy, Smooth Floorwork” with Red Hot Annie

Workshop “Delsarte for the Torso” with Willy Barrett

Workshop “Ballett for Burlesque” with Matt Finish

Workshop ” The elegant striptease” with the legend April March

Workshop ” From Dive bars to Opera House” with Julie Atlas Muz

Workshop “Choreography Intensive and Performance Polish” with Lola Van Ella

Workshop ” How to showcase your body like a pro + Bump and grind” with Kitten De Ville


Workshop ” Sexy Chair Dance & how to flirt and tease” with Kitten De Ville

Workshop ” Boa tricks and Costuming” with Amber Ray

Workshop “Headdress for Less” with Musette Badeau

Workshop “The ultimate guide to knocking them dead” with Dirty Martini