The Moons:

Classical inspired act that transforms into a tornado of tassels!

Freaky will bring you to a magic place, a place where the moon sparkles in

a blue sky with stars and shining clouds.

But you will be surprised to see more than just one moon!


freaky festival 2014-464_firma

The Red Ribbon:

Awarded “Most Beautuful” act at The Great Burlesque Expo 2016,

this act trod the stages of cities in Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Geneva, Chicago,

Boston, New York and Vancouver, where she recently performed as a featured

international performer at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival. She considers this

act her masterpiece.


saggio burlesque 2014-2225_firma

The Wedding:

Bewitched over the idea of marriage Freaky becomes the blushing bride

as she waits for her soon-to-be husband at the church, but the spell

is broken when Freaky is left stranded at the alter.

Instead of becoming the jilted lover, Freaky lavishes in her new found freedom!


saggio burlesque-657_firma

The Clef:

Enchanted by rhythms and melody, Freaky becomes seduced by power

of the music giving in to each Adagio, Allegro all the way to the end.

She’ll play with your heart strings and leave you asking for more. 

Let her play with your heart strings and she’ll leave you asking for more.



The Clown:

Welcome to the circus! In this high energy, whirlwind of madness

Freaky entices her audience to be swept up in the allure of the

mischievous and in the end she loses more than just her mind!



Balloon Dance:

This is the most classic, sparkling and glittering Freaky Candy’s

burlesque routine!