Freaky Candy

Italy’s sweetest and freakiest ass-et

“Most Beautiful” award winner at The Great Burlesque Expo 2016.

“It was amazing to watch her at the Windy City Burlesque Festival.
She really owned the stage. Her energy is amazing on and off stage.”
Cit. Lola Frost

“Freaky Candy was featured at Vancouver’s love letter to all thing burlesque.”
The Peak

Ciao I’m Freaky Candy, performer, teacher, producer and activist.

I began my journey in burlesque in 2011. As a burlesque performer I’ve toured both nationally and internationally. I’m honored to have performed as an international guest star in festivals and to have been invited to teach as well. One of my highlights of my career was when I produced a show in cooperation with the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas to highlight Italian burlesque performers.

I pride myself in being chameleonic in my art. My style ranges from the most classic and elegant acts to the more rock and gritty ones, from the ethereal ones to the comedy ones.

I am the creator of the first and only Italian Burlesque Bingo, , a show that combines game and burlesque, making the audience an active part of the show! A show with feminist undertones, offering the audience a mix of fun, seduction, originality, and brings a lot of diversity on stage.

In 2015 I founded Cuore e Burlesque, now famous for being “the home of burlesque of Romagna and Marche”. I started with 3 students and today I operate in 4 cities: Pesaro, Riccione, Rimini and Forlì, spreading this art with the utmost professionalism and a lot, a lot of heart! I teach in Italy and abroad; I am the first and only Italian coach to have taught at BurlyCon, the only burlesque education convention in America (Seattle).

I believe in Burlesque as a means to reclaim our body, our space and our voice. Burlesque for me means freedom, sensuality, awareness, strength and professional ethics.

Have fun exploring my website. You will find a lot of informations about me and my work.




Portfolio Burlesque

Each act is a unique fusion of elegance and extravagance, technique and skill.
Each act tell us a different story.
Every performance is unforgettable.

Did burlesque tease you?

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Do you own a venue? Do you want to organize a show or your private event, wedding, corporate event, birthday, bachelorette party? You might not know, but I am a producer too!

Let me help you organize the perfect show to fit your needs! Send me an email and tell me your ideas. I’ll be ready to make your dream come true and make your event unforgettable!

And if you are looking for a dinamic show that entertains and involves the audience, Burlesque Bingo is the right choice! My most famous and loved show!

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Burlesque is my feminist weapon of political dissent, decorated with feathers and sparkling sequins!