Freaky is like a sweet vanilla cupcake, with a spicy aftertaste.

Sensual, graceful and refined, as well as cheeky and surprising.

Born in Rome, Freaky began her lifelong love of movement at the age of 5 when she began studying ballet.

In 2006 she shifted her attention to belly dance and in 2011 became captivated by the dramatic and magical world of Burlesque and started studying in Rimini . Freaky Candy is born!

Freaky Candy’s debuts

In 2012 Freaky Candy started performing with a burlesque troupe, at various different theatres across Italy.

In June 2014 she starts her solo career, frequently studying with International Burlesque Stars.

Over the next years she performs in the most famous festivals around the world including: the Munich Burlesque Festival (2015), the Windy City Burlesque Festival a Chicago (2015), the Amsterdam Burlesque Award ( 2015), the Geneva Burlesque Festival (2016), The Great Burlesque Expo a Boston (2016) where she wins the “MOST BEAUTIFUL” Award 2016 with ” The Red Ribbon” act, the Vancouver Burlesque Festival (2016) as Featured International Performer and the Show Me Burlesque Festival a St. Louis(2017). She is in the opening act of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender ( BHOF 2018), with the communities of Seattle and Minneapolis.

In 2019 she produced in Italy the first and the only Italian Burlesque Bingo!

Freaky Candy performs and teaches Burlesque in Italy, USA and Canada, including the prestigious Burlesque Academy of Miss Indigo Blue in Seattle!

She is the first Italian coach to have taught at BurlyCon, the only burlesque education convention in America and she is one of the founding members of the Teacher’s Lounge Mastermind with Indigo Blue.

In 2021 she was contacted by the Burlesque Hall of Fame to produce an online show featuring Italian performers fot the Virtual Hall Of Fame ( VHOF), a 48-hour continuously streaming virtual fundraiser showcasing the best-in-class burlesque.

Not only performer, but also producer and coach

Freaky Candy produces shows and workshops in Rimini, Riccione, Pesaro and Forlì in collaboration with national and international performers. She has been the Artistic Director of the Prima Hangar (Pesaro) burlesque show for 2 years (2017-2018). In 2019 she produces the first and the only Italian Burlesque Bingo.

On October 2015 she founds “Cuore e Burlesque” now famous as the House of Burlesque in Romagna and Marche. Cuore e Burlesque is now the biggest Italian burlesque community.

Her skills in the artistic field, in controlling the body, her unstoppable creativity and infinite passion for this art form, make her one of the most appreciated and respected coaches on the national and international scene.

Freaky is famous for her social and political commitment in the Italian burlesque scene.

Cuore e Burlesque

is the first and the only burlesque school in Italy to publicly expose its fundamental principles in a Manifesto, which are:
body positivity, feminism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, support to the lgbtqia+ community and minorities.

  • Burlesque not only as the art of seduction, but also as a means to empower women!
  • Burlesque as a means to promote diversity, inclusion and respect for all cultures.

Not just feathers and sequins, but a deep and conscious approach to art and the message it can covey..

The social engagement

Freaky is known for conveying various social messages through the art of burlesque.
Over the years she has produced several charity shows in support of:

  • Associazione il Punto Rosa ( which support women affected by breast cancer)
  • Arcigay Rimini “Alan Turing” (organization that works to achieve lgbtqia+ equality)
  • Cooperativa Sociale Cento Fiori ( in support of the SPRAR project, the Protection System fir Asylum Seekers and Refugees)