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The Red Ribbon

Awarded “Most Beautuful” act at The Great Burlesque Expo 2016, this act trod the stages of cities in Europe, USA and Canada, where Freaky performed as a featured international performer at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival. She considers this act her masterpiece.

Dirty Classic & Naughty

A real journey into teasing, from its most classic to its most naughty look.


Romance and determination, gentleness and strenght, elegance and exuberance. 
The stage is like a diorama and it is here that Freaky will show you two different but incredibly similar stories, showing you her two identities.


Serpentine is a burlesque classic that Freaky loves to perform in different and unexpected styles. This act has 3 different versions: Nerdlesque: The Tardis, dalla serie “Doctor Who”. Rock: Deeper Underground. Rock: Charlie Big Potatoe

Dream of a Blue Night

This act is inspired by the 20’s aesthetic. It is a romantic dramatic vintage fan dance coming from the past.

Queen Tribute

An elegant and original tribute to the band that made the history of 80’s rock music. A love letter framed by Freaky Candy’s skills with the use of double silk veils. Queen’s poetry takes shape in the movements and breaths of this act that will leave you breathless.

Le Lune

Classical inspired act that transforms into a tornado of tassels!
Freaky will bring you to a magic place, a place where the moon sparkles in
a blue sky with stars and shining clouds.
But you will be surprised to see more than just one moon!

No More Silent

This is a femenist e political act. Freaky Candy retraces the submissive vision of women that religious texts have imposed on us over the centuries. It is through burlesque that Freaky will break these chains, regaining her own space and voice as a woman.

Pop the Kinky Puppy

Exploring the world of kink. Freaky plays with the audience with a classic of burlesque, the balloon dance, interpreting a puppy play. Is this a good or a bad girl?

Kinky Sensation

Freaky Candy is an harsh Mistress. Austere and dangerous, armed with a riding crop, she will show you what she can do with her stockings balancing on the chair.

King Kong

In burlesque you can be whatever you want . Freaky is a sexy gorilla looking for her juicy banana!

The Clef

Enchanted by rhythms and melody, Freaky becomes seduced by power
of the music giving in to each Adagio, Allegro all the way to the end.
She’ll play with your heart strings and leave you asking for more.
Let her play with your heart strings and she’ll leave you asking for more.

Burlesque Bingo Show

The Italian Burlesque Bingo, the first and the only burlesque bingo in Italy, is an international format that Freaky Candy reworked in an original way to entertain the Italian audience. During the pre-show Freaky and the starlettes will distribute the famous “buttcoin“, the special dollar bills that audience can throw during the burlesque performances as tips, to show their appreciation. It is a format that combines game and burlesque, making the audience an active part of the show.. A show with feminist undertones and that intentionally wants to be different from classic mainstream burlesque shows. Different, inclusive, fun.

Freaky Candy Presentatrice

Looking for a high energy emcee for your next event? Known for my witty onstage banter, high energy, and charisma I’m a natural on the mic. Let me entertain your audience with my fun, funny, and charming personality.

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