Cuore e Burlesque

The Home of Burlesque of Romagna and Marche:
Rimini, Riccione, Pesaro and Forlì. (IT)

Does burlesque tease you? Do you want to be parte of the Cuore e Burlesque community? Click and discover the Academy.

Cuore e Burlesque is born in 2015 in Rimini ( north of Italy) and grows so fast to spread in 2 regions, Romagna and Marche. The school operates in 4 towns: Rimini (2015), Riccione (2016), Pesaro (2019) e Forlì (2020).

Freaky Candy is the international performer and coach, founder and director of Cuore e Burlesque. She’ll lead you in an artistic and life changing journey, guided by her many years of experience teaching in Italy and abroad.

The teaching method

Our classes are structured in different steps and with different goals, so to give each student the time they need to build a solid base of technique knowledge, to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem and to make their burlesque alter-ego blossom naturally.

We teach the technique, the history of the art-form as well as promote the creativity of every single person and the multicultural diversity.

We’ll give you all the tools to create an original and professional burlesque alter-ego, including foundations of make-up, hair styling and costume design.


Freaky‘s trained in ballet, bellydance and fusion dance. She will teach you to have control and awareness in the use of your first stage tool, your body.

The school also includes Burlesque history classes, organizes events and workshops in collaboration with qualified national and international performers.

A safe space for everyone

There is no space for body or ability shaming, racism or other forms of discriminations.

We are a Community who believes in the power of women helping each other and that includes every gender identity.

All our classes are gender-Free.

Study path

  • Burlesque History
  • Creation of the Burlesque persona
  • Style and poise
  • Teasing
  • Bump & Grind
  • Tassel twirling
  • The art of striptease
  • Fan dance, fan veils, veils
  • Baloon Dance, bubble dance
  • Build up of solo and group acts
  • Costume design, hairstyle and make-up
  • Workshops



“Dance Studio Rimini”
Via Marecchiese 262, Rimini (RN)


“Center Stage Palestra Danza”
Via Senigallia 13, Pesaro (PU)


“Riccione Dance Center”
Viale Enzo Ferrari 15, Riccione (RN)


“Scuola Danza Explodance”
Via Carlo Grigioni 3, Forlì (FC)