Cuore e Burlesque

Cuore e Burlesque (Heart and Burlesque) Association is a non-profit that aims to promote the art of burlesque.

By understanding its history through social events, meetings, debates, and specific courses (in collaboration with performers both national and international) we can begin to identify the significance of burlesque in performing arts and how to use it as a tool to explore our relationship with our own bodies.

Possible course of study may include: History of Burlesque, Studio make-up & hairstyle ’20 -’30-’40-’50, Style and Poise, Teasing, Bump & Grind, Tassel twirling, Glove peel, Fan Dance Balloon Dancing, Character Creation Workshops, How to Construct routines, and more.


Come play with us! Dip your toes in and learn the Art of Seduction with Freaky Candy!


RIMINI : Dance Studio Rimini via Ungheria 47900 RIMINI ( angolo tra via Ugheria e via Norvegia)

RICCIONE: Aga Scuola danza, spettacolo, arte – viale Enzo Ferrari 15 47838 Riccione

PESARO: CenterStage Multieducational Community, via Senigallia 13 Pesaro

FORLì: Scuola di ballo Baila, via Meucci 15/a Forlì


Info: 338 7467883 or